8th Anniversary Campaign Launch

join our annual holiday and birthday campaign early

Tuesday, Nov 13, 2018, ALL DAY

Every holiday season, we celebrate our birthday by highlighting one of the incredible programs we support in Sudan. But this year's campaign is the most important one we've ever launched. 

This holiday season, we begin fundraising for the first functioning high school in Yida Refugee Camp, South Sudan. And we're calling upon our movement of supporters spread out over 16 countries, as well as newcomers who are just getting involved, to #StandForEducation with us by fundraising for this new school.

Operation Broken Silence is not new to the education crisis in this part of Sudan. Our movement has been sponsoring one of the top-performing primary schools in the region since 2015. Nearly 2,500 students have attended the Endure Primary School in Yida since then, and the 12 teachers and students have achieved some incredible successes in that time. This only happened because ordinary people in our movement banded together and fundraised for the resources they deserve. 

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Unfortunately, once a child graduates from Grade 8 at the Endure Primary School, they have no quality high school to attend in Yida Refugee Camp. That is unacceptable. And that's where you come in. 

Our goal is to meet this need for these ambitious students and teachers by fundraising to open the first functioning high school in Yida Refugee Camp. This can only be accomplished through your fundraising and alongside of our Nuba education partner. #StandForEducation doesn't officially launch until November 13, 2018, but we're asking you to to get your fundraising page up and running early:

Additional Ways To Help

After you start your fundraising page, here are a few other ways you can spread the word as we approach November 13:

1. START FUNDRAISING NOW! You don't have to wait until November 13 to start fundraising. The earlier you start the better! Our Fundraising Enthusiast Audrey will be in touch with you soon with some tips to get your fundraising started. Until then, we have a great little blog post that you can check out to get rolling now. READ MORE »

2. INVITE FRIENDS. You can invite your friends and family to fundraise as well by sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter:

I'm joining Operation Broken Silence this holiday season and fundraising for a new high school in Yida Refugee Camp! Learn more and join me: https://www.operationbrokensilence.org/events/8th-anniversary-campaign-launch/

3. FOLLOW US ONLINE. November 13 is going to be a big day! You can help us make it more successful by following us on Facebook, Twitterand Instagram and sharing our launch-day posts from there! 


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The people of Sudan are overcoming two of the greatest challenges facing humanity today: war and genocide. Operation Broken Silence is working to accelerate their ability to generate lasting change through storytelling and movement-building, education and emergency response, and grassroots advocacy programs.

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