Get Involved

do more than just watch. be the movement.

Our movement for peace and justice in Sudan is brimming with opportunities for individuals, faith-based groups, educational institutions, and companies to use their energy, creativity, and financial resources to empower the Sudanese people. We firmly believe that sustainable change in Sudan can only come from the Sudanese people, which is why all of our work and your efforts focus on strengthening them.

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Where Do I Fit In?

The vast majority of people in our movement joined us with very little fundraising, advocacy, or event experience. If you're feeling a little overwhelmed, know that some of our top movement leaders started right where you are now. You can explore the best ways to get involved with us right here. 

Become A Fundraiser. Our fundraisers make all of our lifesaving work possible. By starting your own online fundraising campaign, you can play a critical role in providing much-needed funds to our education and emergency relief programs. START FUNDRAISING »

Join Civilian Protector. Our recurring donors pitch in a few bucks a month to bring sustainability to our programs. Signing up takes less than a minute and automizes your giving. JOIN CIVILIAN PROTECTOR »

Become An Advocate. We're constantly pushing for better U.S. foreign policy towards Sudan and stronger international instituions that can proactively prevent and end genocide. Our advocacy campaigns are designed to amplify your voice so that our friends get the international support they deserve. ADVOCATE NOW »

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Host An Event. One of the best ways you can introduce your friends and family to Sudan and our mission is to host a small event at your home, church, or school. LEARN MORE »

Attend An Event. Our official events are a great place to learn more about Sudan and to support our mission. We host several events a year and would love for you to attend one. SEE OUR EVENTS »

Volunteer. Our Memphis supporters have some unique opportunities to support us at the hub of our international movement. They play a big role in just about everything we do. START VOLUNTEERING »

If you're still not sure how to best get involved, shoot us an email and we'll be in touch soon to help!