I Am A Teacher

Dozens of teachers watched their schools get bombed in Sudan's Nuba Mountains. Now you can help them get back to work.

The Story

When the Sudanese government launched a new genocidal war in the Nuba Mountains in 2011, some of the first targets of government warplanes were schools. Teachers fled alongside thousands of their students into the relative safety of Yida Refugee Camp just across the border. With very little outside support, teachers and parents began building classrooms and teachers started working without resources for free. Today, many teachers are still working without a paycheck and the most basic resources. Some have even quit doing what they love to find another way to care for their family. This education crisis is now impacting the futures of over 25,000 children.

What You Can Do

Nuba education is a long-term issue that requires our long-term commitment to tackle. We need to raise $350,000 a year to pay teacher salaries, deliver educational supplies, and improve classrooms. Our plan to accomplish this is to recruit 850 recurring donors who give what they can each month until the job is done.

We're asking you to pitch in a few dollars each month so that teachers and students can have everything they need in the years ahead. Just click or tap on one of the teachers below to join our monthly giving community. 

222 people have already given $47,443!

That means 5 teachers will be paid for an entire year of teaching in a fully supported classroom. Help us support more teachers by clicking or tapping on one of the teachers to sign up. 

Join Our Monthly Giving Community

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Get Your School, Church, Or Company Involved.

For $5,000 or more your group can fully fund an entire classroom in Yida Refugee Camp for one year. This can be done through a team fundraising or recurring donation effort. Contact us at info [at] operationbrokensilence [dot] org and we'll help you get started.

About Operation Broken Silence

We're a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization leading a global movement for peace and justice in Sudan through innovative programs. You can learn more about our efforts to support Nuba teachers and students by watching our short film below.