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Welcome to our educational resources page! All of the resources you find here have been written, read, or watched by our staff. We believe all of these resources are an excellent way to learn more about Sudan, as well as war and genocide issues more broadly. 

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Whether you are hearing about the crisis in Sudan for the first time or just looking to brush up on some of your history, these starter articles written by our staff are a great place to start.

Sudan Overview »

The Difference Between Sudan and South Sudan, Explained

Second Sudanese Civil War Overview »

Crisis In Nuba Mountains & Blue Nile Overview »

War & Genocide In Darfur Overview »

The Issue Of Terrorism In Sudan »

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We Who Remain VR Film (2017) »

This immersive virtual reality film takes the viewer into the heart of crisis in Sudan's Nuba Mountains amid an active fighting season. The film weaves together the lives of four people – a student, a rebel soldier, a journalist, and a mother – who struggle to improve their lives in the midst of a relentless war.

Lost Generation Of Sudan (2014) »

Operation Broken Silence's second documentary film examines the war in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan through the eyes of an amazing group of war orphans who see a different future for their country.

Across The Frontlines (2012) »

Operation Broken Silence's first documentary film follows the organization's founder into the Nuba Mountains of Sudan to discover the truth of a once hidden conflict. 

The Devil Came On Horseback (2007) »

This film follows Former US Marine Captain Brian Steidle during his role as a military observer with the African Union and shows the tragic impact of the Sudanese government's genocide in Darfur. As an official military observer, Steidle had access to parts of the country that no journalist could penetrate. He was unprepared for what he would witness and experience, including being fired upon, taken hostage, and being unable to intervene to save the lives of young children. 

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They Poured Fire On Us From The Sky (2015) »

The true story of 3 Lost Boys from the Second Sudanese Civil War. The book tells the story of their harrowing escape. 

Genocide By Attrition: The Nuba Mountains Of Sudan (2015) »

This volume documents the Sudanese government's campaign of genocidal attacks and forced starvation against the people of the Nuba Mountains in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Genocide by Attrition provides powerful insights and analysis of the phenomenon and bears witness to ongoing atrocities.

Fighting For Darfur (2011) »

Lawyer, author, and activist Rebecca Hamilton passionately narrates the six-year grassroots campaign to draw global attention to the plight of Darfur's people.

Waging Peace In Sudan (2011) »

Norwegian Minister of International Development Hilde F. Johnson's account of the negoitations that ended the Second Sudanese Civil War and paved the way for South Sudan's independence. 

The Translator (2009) »

This book is a suspenseful, harrowing, and deeply moving memoir of how one person has made a difference in the world, an on-the-ground account of one of the biggest stories of our time: the brutal genocide under way in Darfur.

Darfur: A New History of a Long War (2008) »

This book traces the origins, organization and ideology of the infamous Janjaweed and other rebel groups, including the Sudan Liberation Army and the Justice and Equality Movement. It also analyzes the confused responses of the Sudanese government and African Union.

The Devil Came On Horseback (2008) »

This intense, vivid, powerful memoir from the heart of Darfur by a former American soldier who became a military observer for the African Union, is the first extensive on-the-ground account of the genocide in Sudan.Former US Marine Brian Steidle served for six months in Darfur as an unarmed military observer for the African Union. There he witnessed first-hand the on-going genocide, and documented every day of his experience using email, audio journals, notebook after notebook and nearly 1000 photographs.

Darfur Diaries : Stories of Survival (2006) »

In October and November, 2004, after watching woefully inadequate media coverage on the crisis in Darfur, a team of three independent filmmakers trekked to Darfurian refugee camps in eastern Chad and crept across the border into Darfur. They met dozens of Darfurians, and spoke with them about their history, hopes and fears, and the tragedy they are living. This book is their journey. 

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