answers to common questions about our organization

What's the mission of Operation Broken Silence?

We're building a global movement to empower the Sudanese people through innovative programs as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 

Sounds nifty! So how does that play out?

You can see all of our current programs here, but in a nutshell we create stunning documentary films and photography exhibits that mobilize people around the world to raise support for Sudanese-led programs. Our organization partners funds raised by our movement with local Sudanese change makers to empower education and humanitarian relief efforts. We also design powerful campaigns that equip grassroots activists to successfully engage their communities and political leaders.

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Yay! So are donations tax-deductible?

We are a registered 501(c)(3) organization and donations are tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law. GIVE HERE »

Where is Operation Broken Silence?

We're headquartered in Memphis, TN and it is awesome being here! If you aren't living in Memphis already, you should just move here and be awesome with the rest of our city. While we live in Memphis, our Movement Members can be found all over the world

Who does Operation Broken Silence consider a "Movement Member" to be?

Great question! Members of our Movement include amazing individuals who give monthly, fundraise, host events, advocate, donate, or volunteer.

You must be actively participating in empowering the Sudanese people in at least one of these ways to be part of our Movement. If you're just hanging out on our email list or sharing our social media posts, it is time for you get involved

Is Operation Broken Silence politically affiliated?

No, thanks for asking though!

Who are Operation Broken Silence's Sudanese partners?

We work with a small number of Sudanese on the ground who manage and lead our life-changing programs. These are the most dedicated, trustworthy, and inspirational people we've ever met. All of them have been creating positive change in Sudan years before we came along. Their experience and knowledge is invaluable to the success of our work and mission.

Since their safety is our top priority, we do not publicly list their names or exact locations and do not respond to requests for information that could be used to identify them.


Will Operation Broken Silence ever expand to focus on other countries and conflicts?

Nope. The challenges the Sudanese people face have few simple solutions, and we want to be sure our limited resources are used in highly effective ways. Staying focused just on Sudan is one of the many ways we achieve that. 

I want to go to Sudan! Is this possible?

The singular purpose of Operation Broken Silence is to empower the Sudanese people directly through storytelling and fundraising, and then get out of their way as they make progress in the nitty gritty on-the-ground work. We follow the lead of our Sudanese partners in pretty much everything we do and they run the show in the on-the-ground projects we support.

Simply put, you will never see a bunch of Americans running around in Sudan as part of our Education & Emergency Relief work. 

We do occasionally send international teams to Sudan and Sudanese refugee camps as part of our Storytelling and Movement Building program. These teams are hand-selected by our staff and team members have a long history of volunteering and fundraising with our organization, as well as stunning videography and photography skills. We wish we could take everyone to Sudan because it is an experience like no other, but the simple reality is that the Sudanese don't need a lot of outsiders coming in to rescue them. They need us to support them from the outside so they can take the lead in bigger and bolder ways. If you really want to help the Sudanese change things, check out our Get Involved options to start plugging away. GET INVOLVED »

I want to get my church, school, or company involved! How do I do that?

Easy peasy! Just shoot us a quick message and we'll be in touch soon.  CONTACT US »

I work for a grantmaker and we are interested in empowering the Sudanese people as well! How do we say hello?

We would love to plug your resources into one of our wonderful programs or into growing our organization! Heads up though, we do not just say yes to grant funding right out of the gate. We critically examine a number of factors including the culture and stated purpose of the grantmaker, how you as a grantmaker communicate to the nonprofit sector, reporting requirements, and more. CONTACT US»

We encourage grantmakers and other institutional donors to check out our 2019-2021 Giving Guide. This guide provides the bigger financial picture of what the programs we support and manage need on an annual basis. DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE »


I work for another organization that does stuff in Sudan. How do we partner with Operation Broken Silence?

Operation Broken Silence enters into official partnerships with other organizations who have a strong commitment to our mission of empowering the Sudanese people. There is no set process for becoming an official partner of Operation Broken Silence, but we only enter into partnerships if it will benefit the Sudanese in tangible ways. Official partnerships in this capacity are decided upon by our leadership team, normally after extensive discussion and pre-work between us and the potential partner over a minimum of a one-year period. CONTACT US »

How do I apply to work at Operation Broken Silence? 

We're a unique nonprofit with a laser-focused mission. Because of this, we place a strong emphasis on hiring from our movement of volunteer leaders and supporters before looking outwards. LEARN MORE »

How can I learn more about Operation Broken Silence and Sudan?

Sign up for our email list to get occassional updates from us. You can also follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram