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guides, tips, and fundraising assistance to empower your efforts

Welcome to our fundraising resources page! All of the resources you find here were designed with input from previous fundraisers in our movement just like you. This is a great place to find unique tools and assistance that will make your fundraising efforts more impactful.

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Sometimes fundraising doesn’t go exactly as you planned, and that’s ok! In fact, it’s normal to experience a slump or two in giving during your campaign. Here are some great resources that will help reinvigorate your efforts and blast through the obstacles you face:

How To Maximize Your Fundraising Page To Drive Donations »

What To Do When People Commit To Giving But Don't »

Reaching Your Goal When Your Deadline Is Around The Corner » 

Why Is No One Giving When I Share My Page On Social Media? »

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Ready to expand your fundraising efforts beyond just you? One of the best next steps you can take is to start a fundraising team and recruit your friends and family to join you!

How To Build Your Fundraising Team »

What To Do When Team Members Aren't Fundraising » 

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If you're crazy awesome and plan to raise $1,000+ to empower the Sudanese people, we have some great resources to help you blow your fundraising goal out of the water!

Fundraising Year-To-Year: How To Build Your Community of Donors »

How To Make Your Own Personalized Fundraising Video »

Apply For A Professional Fundraising Video »

How To Start A Matching Campaign » 

Host A Fundraising Event At Home »

Download The Ticket Sales Tracking Sheet »

Going Global: Details On Fundraising Internationally »

Need additional help with fundraising? Shoot us a message and we'll get back to you soon!