read and share your favorite story from Sudan and the movement

Storytelling is a great way to introduce your friends and family to the crisis in Sudan and how they can help. Read and share your favorite stories below. 


The Death March

Five days. That’s how long it would take to get to the South Sudan border and the safety of the refugee camp. Despite living in desperate conditions for two years, this journey would be the hardest and most dangerous time in their lives.

For two long years, Sudanese government warplanes had hammered their homes and schools. For two long years, they watched helplessly as government militias burnt their crops and looted their livestock. Those that were caught by militamen were almost always killed. The majority of the 22,000 people living in this part of the Nuba Mountains had abandoned their homes for mountain caves.

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Meet Jargi Joseph

It was still dark when 15-year-old Jargi Joseph woke up to begin the day. It would be his last few moments with his family. The warplanes started bombing before daylight.

Jargi Joseph remembers everything that happened. With cries of fear people woke up and prepared to flee, but by then it was too late. Screaming jets, searing explosions, and people torn to shreds by the shrapnel consumed his senses. Through the bloodshed, parents began screaming at their children to run as the planes circled back around for another bombing run.

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Behind The Scenes

The story of making Lost Generation of Sudan has lots of behind the scenes moments that are funny, upsetting, frustrating, and just downright terrifying. It’s a story that spans eleven months, three countries, thousands of travel miles, and a lot of amazing supporters who gave $26,500 so we could tell this important story.

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Giving Social Media

Giving Is For Everyone

Everyday our staff and volunteers are inspired when someone gives to our mission for peace and justice in Sudan. People have jumped out of airplanes, written personal letters, and hosted events all to raise money for what we do.

As a niche nonprofit with limited resources, giving is about so much more than keeping our doors open. It’s about more than our important work and difficult mission. These things are critical components of giving, but it’s also about the person who is giving from their time or wallet.

We recently asked a few of our top supporters why they think giving is so important.

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