Hope In The Darkness

“One of the first things you notice when walking around Yida is the sheer number of children everywhere. Many of the kids here have been separated from their parents due to the war in the Nuba Mountains. Some watched their parents be murdered by the government. You would think that after what they have been through, they would be angry, sad, or depressed. But more often than not, they smile and play just like every other kid in the world.” -Mark Hackett, Executive Director of Operation Broken Silence.

Mark recently led our expanded film team back to Yida Refugee Camp. Yida sits right on the international border that divides Sudan and South Sudan. The camp has exploded in size with refugees fleeing from the Nuba Mountains of Sudan due to widespread government attacks against unarmed communities. When Mark first visited Yida in 2012, the camp hosted around 15,000 people. Today, over 65,000 people call Yida home.


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