The Death March

the story of 344 men, women, and children who fled the Nuba Mountains of Sudan

Five days. That’s how long it would take to get to the South Sudan border and the safety of the refugee camp. Despite living in desperate conditions for two years, this journey would be the hardest and most dangerous time in their lives.

For two long years, Sudanese government warplanes had hammered their homes and schools. For two long years, they watched helplessly as government militias burnt their crops and looted their livestock. Those that were caught by militamen were almost always killed. The majority of the 22,000 people living in this part of the Nuba Mountains had abandoned their homes for mountain caves or garrison towns underneath the command of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army-North (SPLA-N), the armed wing of the local Nuba government that is protecting civilians from Sudanese government attacks.

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