The Yida Photography Exhibit

a powerful traveling art installation examining the crisis in Sudan


The Yida Photography Exhibit examines the crisis in Sudan through the lives of those who have escaped. The 313 breathtaking images featured in this traveling exhibit are part of a collection of 4,535 photos taken in Yida Refugee Camp by Operation Broken Silence’s photographers.

What Is Yida?

Yida is a refugee camp that sits just a few miles south of the international border that divides Sudan and South Sudan. This community is home to tens of thousands of people who have fled the Nuba Mountains of Sudan, where the country’s military regime has waged a genocidal war against the Nuba people since 2011. Official humanitarian and media access to the Nuba Mountains has been banned by the Sudanese government, but this has not stopped the most determined nonprofits and journalists from reaching the Nuba people.

What Is The Exhibit?

The Yida Photography Exhibit is an immersive experience that takes your community into what life is like in the refugee camp. But this is more than your average photo exhibit. Throughout this experience, your community will be introduced to the crisis in Sudan, who refugees are, different aspects of Nuba culture and life in Yida, and tangible ways to get involved in supporting the Sudanese people through fundraising and giving.

Designed To Stunning Perfection

This exhibit is more than just a bunch of images. Photos are grouped together into sections and the stories behind them told to viewers. The entire exhibit is actually designed after several physical locations in the camp, like the laundry area in this photo. And the display pieces are interchangeable and mobile, meaning that the exhibit can be molded to the shape and size of various rooms and buildings without even using a venue's walls.

An Engaging Experience

Throughout the exhibit, viewers are presented various ways to get involved. These "Get Involved" options range from signing petitions, writing a brief letter explaining why they came or what they learned that we will use to promote the exhibit at future showings, social media sharing opportunities to raise awareness, and completing Pledge Cards that provide specific opportunities to empower the Sudanese people.

Host The Yida Photography Exhibit

The Yida Photography Exhibit is available for churches, universities, schools, and community groups in the Greater Memphis area to host through the end of 2020. Our organization can provide video content and flyer designs exclusive to your hosting as part of the experience. If you are interested in bringing this exhibit to your institution and community, please contact us at info [at] operationbrokensilence [dot] org

Want more details? Watch this short video about the exhibit:


Previous Hosts

This exhibit is perfect for churches, universities, schools, and community groups to host. Our previous exhibit hosts are:

If you are interested in bringing this exhibit to your institution and community in 2019, please contact our team at info [at] operationbrokensilence [dot] org. We'll be in touch soon. 

Take a look at the exhibit's largest showing to date and see the impact here: