why Sudan?

Right now, millions of people in Sudan are facing the most violent and oppressive government in the world.
25 yrs
civil war
2.5 mil

Operation Broken Silence is leading a global movement for peace and justice in Sudan through innovative programs.

We create stunning documentary films, short videos, and photography that inspires people around the world to action.
Protection & Emergency Response
We partner with local organizations to protect Sudanese communities and empower humanitarian efforts.
We design powerful campaigns that train and equip grassroots activists to successfully engage their political leaders.
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Meet Jargi Joseph

It was still dark when 15-year-old Jargi Joseph woke up to begin the day. It would be his last few moments with his family. The warplanes started bombing before daylight.

Jargi Joseph remembers everything that happened. With cries of fear people woke up and prepared to flee, but by then it was too late. Screaming jets, searing explosions, and people torn to shreds by the shrapnel consumed his senses. Through the bloodshed, parents began screaming at their children to run as the planes circled back around for another bombing run.

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There is hope.
You can help.
Operation Broken Silence is a platform for change in Sudan. We need you to stand on it with us.