why Sudan?

Right now, millions of people in Sudan are facing the most violent and oppressive government in the world.
25 yrs
civil war
2.5 mil

Operation Broken Silence is leading a global movement for peace and justice in Sudan through innovative programs.

We create stunning documentary films, short videos, and photography that inspires people around the world to action.
Protection & Emergency Response
We partner with local organizations to protect Sudanese communities and empower humanitarian efforts.
We design powerful campaigns that train and equip grassroots activists to successfully engage their political leaders.
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Meet Dohla

Dohla is a brave young woman living in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. By the time I met her in June of 2012, Dohla had been living in a war zone for more than two years. She has seen homes destroyed by government bombers, friends and family killed by the Sudan Armed Forces and their proxy militias, and had her own home bombed 20 hours before we arrived.

When we reached her village we found Dohla sitting by what was left of her home. The local SPLM-N civilian protection forces stepped away so we could talk with her: far enough away to be out of earshot but close enough to ensure everyone's safety should the Abu Tira militias decide to attack.

For over a week we had been interviewing people impacted by this senseless campaign of mass atrocity crimes being orchestrated by the Sudanese government. We had a million questions We wanted to ask Dohla as we sat in the midst of such devastation and tragedy. What did she think about the war? About Sudanese President Bashir? Was peace achievable? Does she think she will live through this conflict? What does she want from the international community?

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